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Posted by on Mar 6, 2010 in Featured, IT Service Management, ITSM Related | 0 comments

Blarg 2 Dawt OH!

Blarg 2 Dawt OH!

I knew I shouldn't have taken that left turn at Albuquerque...

A little over a year ago I started a ITSM related blog called “ITSM for the Real World”. Like many blogs, I came out of the gate with a lot of passion and energy, racking up 3 epic blog posts along with a few in the can ready to go. Shortly after, some upheaval in my personal and professional worlds put the blog on the back burner. Things managed to calm down by the end of 2009 and I have been slowly planning on bringing the blog back.

In reviewing the old blog (which was hosted on, I decided the best way to bring it back was as it’s own site hosted myself on the WordPress blog engine and under a new Blog name. This will allow for more control of the blog and the site in general. I brought over the old posts and drafts from the old site to preserve them.

I look forward to renewing my efforts on the blogging front, and hope that through it I will provide some valuable insights and meet some wonderful people.

One side note all of the photos you will see on the blog are photos I have taken at one point or another.


Shane Carlson

ITSM Pundit

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